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Anyone who wants his or her XXX Match account deleted, will probably not find the option: XXX Match remove profile. On the website, no information is found about deleting your XXX Match account. Probably the best thing you can do, is send an e-mail with the request to remove XXX Match profile.


With a XXX Match free Silver Membership you can easily expand your social sex network. To become a XXX Match Gold Member, all you have to do is upload a photo on you personal XXX Match profile. A Gold Member XXX Match account is free, so you don't need any special XXX Match promo code. So, without paying a XXX Match price, you'll have full acces to all the features on the website.


For XXX Match contact you can send an e-mail to: [email protected].

XXX Match Reviews

    Works For Me

    XXXMatch works fine for me. I can find a different guy everynight for a date if I wanted to. But then I am a woman so I knew before I joined there wouldn't be any shortage of men wanting to date me.

    What you guys who call the site a scam have to understand is there will always be a certain amount of fake profiles on every dating site but tons more on adult sites. There are also plenty of genuine women on this site looking for good looking guys to meet up with, you just have to find us.

    If your a woman who wants to join xxxmatch you will find plenty of guys, if your a guy you will have to do a bit more searching on the site before you find a date, but we are here waiting for you. I've joined several adult dating sites over the past couple of years and I've found this one to be the best.

    New Date Everyday

    Lots of fake profiles, but once you recognize them you can ignore them.

    Agree with Vince....SCAM

    Like Vince this was my first experience with dating website. MWM I was looking for affair material....stayed on xxxmatch way to long!!! Just canceled my membership! Nothing but one line messages and invites to video sex. I'm now involved with a women I found on Ashley Madison!

    Lots of video sex if thats what you're looking for

    No women looking for real contact.....

    Obvious scam

    There are numerous sites that are illegitimate, but this site has to be among the top of the list. Me, being a complete fool, decided to stick with it for the long haul! Granted it was my first experience with a dating site. I wasted well over a year for my membership. As these previous reviews mentioned prior, there are site administrators posing as female, and possibly male, members. Their purpose is to bombard you with emails from the opposite sex to rope you into paying for their site, but once you do, you become significantly less popular. Big surprise! They eventually offer half-off monthly discounts when you attempt to cancel your membership. There are also profiles set up by con artists from other countries, for ex, the Philippines, that offer their email, and ask you for money when you decide to contact them. Majorly, they reside on Yahoo messenger. That's an obvious red flag, if the request for money wasn't enough. There are several sites with the exact same set up as XXX Match, they're all the same, and all connected. Save yourself a lot of time and money, and look elsewhere.

    None, unless you wanna pay your hard earned money to get mind-f**ked!

    Ha! The key word being "CON"! Keep away from this site at all costs, please protect your wallets from these scam artists!

    "Upgrade now to...."


    STAY AWAY!! ALL FAKE!! Anyone who rates this site as GREAT WORKS FOR THEM!


    These Jerks put out a new site every they get exposed

    Scam within a scam

    All you get are computer generated emails.For instance.Tell me about your hobbies.Then you write back more than one sentence then they write back and say.What are you doing with your life?One sentence is all you get once a day.Completely a money stealing scam.


    Every bit of it

    xxxmatch is the best adult dating site i've tried

    there are sure a lot more guys on the site than there are girls but the ratio is still better there than it is at adultfriendfinder. all in all, great site


    I tried their trial membership some time back .... Amazing how I had so many women wanting to message, talk and hook-up... then when I purchased a membership, they all went away. Some profiles were not there anymore, others were women from all over the world .... I responded to all of them and no response.

    Don't waste your money or time!

    Ohhh and paid for membership does not work most of the time. Log in is a bitch!


    its a con

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