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Illicit Encounters Reviews

    Expensive but would be worth it but for the false profiles

    Have been a member 3 times. You pay about £130 and depending on the offer get 4 or 6 weeks. To be honest unless you are in a big city you will make contact (or try) with most in your area and in your age range in that time.
    I think I can write an interesting message or so I am told and I only get responses from about 30%. But if you are charming and not crude you can usually get chatting by message with about a quarter of those. And maybe one or two will meet you for coffee. So you can see the numbers come down quite quickly.

    Yes I have had success with a few ladies that have led to relationships. So it does work. But they make it very difficult for people to take profiles off, and a lot of profiles are not active.

    In addition when I wasn't a member I got a number of winks or messages (you can't read these until you pay) from ladies way out of my area and out of my age range. And they look at your profile and send a message in the same minute. If that happens then it clearly is either bots or someone working for the site to try and pull you back to paying. Because when you are a paying member it hardly ever happens, your membership lapses and hey presto it starts again.....

    You can find like minded ladies but 95% of them are not desperate and looking for pure sex. Most want a bit of TLC and a relationship of some sort.

    Dead profiles or pretty dormant - lots..
    Women who don't reply at all - lots

    And false profiles trying to get you to rejoin.

    My recommendation is with reservations!

    No such thing as a free lunch

    So this review is going to be broadly positive about IE hence will be dismised by some as sponsored promotion - it's not. I'm a male from London who's been using IE on and off over the last 4 years. Negatives first: it is indeed expensive; the attempts to hook you in after creating a profile (but before paying up) by random obviously system-generated hellos from specious profiles is extremely annoying (but you learn to ignore these and it does seem to have eased up thankfully of late); the time-pressure on male members to secure a date/relationship within the fee window skews the playing field; and the membership claims are obviously wildly inflated (I agree that the active membership at any one time can be numbered in the hundreds not thousands).

    All that said...I have had 5 paid memberships on IE at 6-9 month intervals since 2013. On every one of these I have had several "dates" following correspondence on the site and on every one also I have entered into at least one physical relationship, typically more than one. Of course not every correspondence leads anywhere, any more than on any other dating/adult site, and again as everywhere else it's a "seller's" market for women. But from my expeience, if you compose an engaging profile, write a decent email (tailored to the recipient, not cut and paste) and are prepared to cast your net widely IE does in fact work. (If you're outside a metropolitan area, as others have noted, it's ound to be more difficult.)

    Also, final note: unlike Ashley Madison (and we all know what happened there!), IE allows anonymous cash payments which given the nature of the site is a considerable plus.

    High if limited quality of members; discreet and functional.

    Expensive (for men); gender imbalance; some fake/spam profiles.

    Big rip off

    After paying £129 to enable messaging , too females who never even read or replied to them , and after the subscription ran out they then charged me another£79 as a recurring payment , and when I complained they said I hadn't ticked a box to stop the payment and couldn't get a refund . There is also the fake messages from young women down south who supposedly were interested in a much older man from the highlands of Scotland !! There is some genuine women on the site but because they don't pay are in no rush to answer any messages .

    User friendly web site .

    Expensive , scammers , exploiting lonely men .

    Good but few members

    Lovely female friendly site. Photos are password protected so you only have to show people you want. Generally the men are very polite and well mannered, just the odd pushy one here and there. The real issue is there aren't a huge number of members, its probably okay if you live in a city but in more rural areas there may be only a few and obviously chemistry is important. I'm guessing the high cost puts it out of reach of a lot of men which is a real shame as the site would be great otherwise.

    Very female friendly, no nude photos of men on display, members are mostly very polite

    Not a lot of male members in country areas

    Regulation Required

    This site appears to have a large number of fake profiles which contact you as soon as you register and then once you have joined disappear or have mundane conversations and never answer your questions if you pose any. They come back with a bland did you have a nice weekend mine was ok.
    There maybe or probably are some real profiles but the 50:50 split is probably nearer 80:20 so you may get success but you have more chance in the pub and at least you will have had a good night out.
    If you are under 40 you will stand a much better chance anyone over 50 I would suggest your chances of success are minimal.
    There needs to be proper regulation of these sites. I have learnt my lesson and will not be rejoining!


    Appears to be a large number of fake profiles
    Very expensive
    Wastes time you could be spending doing something productive.


    With hind sight this is a site for sex workers, unlike others I did meet and have an affair, or more accurately casual unprotected sex. It left me HIV+.
    Its easy to be wise after the event, but do practice safe sex.
    The irony is the person is mentioned elsewhere in these reviews and is still active on the site

    It may all work out, but be safe

    need I say maore

    Not a good site

    Have been using this site for a numer of years and would not recommend it. The guys pay the girl don't. There are lots of genuine guys on it but as another reviewer said there is only ever between 600 and 800 people online out of their thousands of "so called" genuine users. It's overpriced for what you get, I know what the guys pay and its A LOT! Some of the guys on there seem to think that because they have paid so much that sex should be on the menu straight away. It would be cheaper for them to "hire" someone for that. I say some, not all, I may add. There are very little men on the site from my area also and you end up getting the feeling that that are so few women to choose from that they are happy to settle for anyone as long as they get laid. It's really not for me, a married lady looking to have a proper affair. I feel sorry for the men who have paid so much for so little despite the attitudes of a few of them.


    Not enough genuine users

    Illicit Encounters.....Fakes

    I have been on and off this site for a few years now. Initially it was good but the last two years I have to say there are so many fake profiles on it. You get mail from women and they let you see their photos and then as soon as you say lets meet they block you ! You cannot delete your profile and when it says it has over 800,000 'active' members, that is a complete lie. There are on average 600 members online at any one time and a lot of the ladies have been on there for years ! This site should be investigated as as per other complaints on here, best going to a bar and blowing the money on some champagne, at least you will meet a lady there


    Too many fake profiles and women being on there for years !


    I have been a member on and off this site for a few years now. I have mixed feelings about it. It has got genuine females on it looking for something extra , but that can be more than you want, and I have met a few over the years. Some have their own agenda but that`s fine. On the negative side I agree with the courting period prior to your sub running out. Also if you haven`t been on, by that I mean paid, you will get emails from women who appear to have an interest in you. They aren`t interested they are fakes because if the site was smart they`d send you mail from women in your requested age bracket and in your own country! I`m in Scotland looking for 45 plus . I`ve had 29 year old s from deepest England mailing me! As if. Get real there is no need for that nonsense. There are enough genuine people on without resorting to this.

    Good site well presented

    Genuine people in the main.

    Easy to use site

    I`ve met genuine ladies in need!

    It`s got an annoying habit of trying to fish you in useing false profiles

    It`s far too expensive.

    If it was much better and no fakes we might pay the money.

    I won`t be back on it

    waste of money and full of fake women

    Bet this review is followed by a good one written by illicit Encounters.
    Beware and do not waste your money on this site, I believe it is full of fake profiles and worse than that, there appears to be women happy to chat with you as your membership get to the end, but then they lead you on to try to get you to sign up for another month. Save your £149 and spend it on a real woman you meet.


    fake profile, expensive waste of money

    Get real reviews of Illicit Encounters

    If you want to hear what real reviews about Illicit Encounters without the fake posts by the competition check out Illicit Encounters letters page at

    Isn't it strange....

    Isn't it strange how as soon as anypone writes a bad (hence accurate!) review of Illicit Encounters, a good review almost instantly then appears. It is safe to assume that all of the positive reviews of this over-priced and rip off site below have been posted by the company behind Illicit Encounters. They certainly have no qualms about creating fake female profiles and messages to sucker guys into paying their exorbitant fees. Of course all activitiy from these supposedly interested 'women' evaporates as soon as you've paid up. You only start getting attention again from 'women' on the site when your subscription lapses. There surely must be a law against this fakery?

    Do not join this site under any circumstances. You'd have more chance of meeting a woman by walking into a bar and burning the £149 it costs to join!

    None whatsoever

    Ridiculously expensive
    Faked female profiles and messages

    Illicit Encounters are everywhere?

    Illicit Encounters is the best all-round married dating site, I have been on a few others but the only one I have had any success on is Illicit Encounters. It is quite expensive but that cuts down the competition in my opinion. If you can't afford to pay you can't afford to play!

    Lots of women and men are priced out.


    IE having a laugh at your expense

    Please don't waste your time or money on this dodgy site, they make you feel there is some interest in you and once you paid the interest like totally evaporates. They depend on fake messages written by spambots probably to keep you engaged. No doubt some people have found fun and an affair but for my money all the women are not what they say they are and by all account some of the men are badly suspect.
    AVOID this costly scammy site - it's for losers (not including me obviously!)

    some real people looking for 'love'

    Manipulative and expensive

    Good place to meet like minded people!


    I was first hesitant about paying for membership having read some of the reviews on this site. But after taking the plunge I have met 4 women for drinks and have ended up sleeping with 2 of them.

    I will defiantly be renewing my membership at the end of the month as it's worth the money.

    Nice safe environment with lots of friendly women


    They are the worst people I dealt with


    There are few nice people falling in the same trap, so you may end up finding another nice person there, worth the risk? NOOOOOOOOOOO

    They say they are expensive because they are genuine, RUBBISH !!

    After you register for free you may get messages, which are not messages! After I asked my profile to be deleted I still emails saying people saw my profile! what!? It was deleted, but I guess they forgot and sent me fake "Messages".

    I quote one of the emails Illicit Encounters sent me when I asked why I had emails that were the same + line from someone's profile: (I was told I has Messages, not VK !!! )

    " To clarify, you received 4 Virtual Kisses. Virtual Kisses are not messages ... The reason these messages look the same is because they are VKs, not full messages.

    Girls, be very careful

    Be careful who you get mixed up with. I met a real nut case. He bombarded
    me with phone calls and text messages, morning noon and night.
    He even hacked into my email account and accused me of seeing other people
    The fact that he was married never entered his head. He was a reformed
    alcoholic, be careful, be very careful. Some men you just can't get rid of.
    They want sex straight away, a cheap hotel, not even a meal.
    The site is not worth the stress.

    Good times

    I just wanted to write an honest review.... as a lot of the above seem very negative!!! I joined IE just over a month ago and can honestly say I've never been happier. Don't get me wrong there are some total perverts and weirdos on there, you just have to be patient and take the time to get to know someone. I have met the man of my dreams, who spoils me and treats me like a lady... but is also amazing in bed, so the genuine people do exist :)

    Genuine people

    Extortionate prices

    so transparent

    what a load of rubbish, if women are stupid enough to end up on this site as I was you are bombarded by men demanding unreasonable behaviour for the price of a dinner and a room. the site is run to tailor the men and their money and regularly you get abused. the reviews saying its easy to get laid on this site are rubbish. there are cheats players and losers, yes it does what it says on the tin-puts you in danger. the men are abusive. trot on by ladies



    Real people

    I joined last month after they offered a 6 week for 4 promotion (the cost of joining is high) and have had some success. I have had 2 dates so far and things have gone alright. It's certainly better than some of the other sites I have been on.

    Real peoplernEasy site to usernGood customer service



    Same experience as many others, lots of contact then once I paid, very little. Date with one lady but she was nothing like her photo.
    To cover my tracks I got a credit card just for illicit things, used it to pay for Illicit Encounters then it was hit for £2K+ of fraud, it was never used for anything else.
    Overall its not worth the trouble,

    None really

    C Card scammed from the site,

    another day being abused from members of illicit encounters

    another day today and another abusive man from illicit encounters. I told him I wasnt interested after he contacted me from the site and I told him it was because I had had abuse false accusations and a month of rubbish from another man. he pretended to be supportive then said texting and e mailing was not satisfying for him and got nasty when I said I didnt want to meet because I was still shell shocked from the last loony who contacted me. surprise surprise same thing, twisted my words turned everything I said around on me told me I needed professional help because I wouldnt meet him. same old same old. The men actually have a list of demands on there. she must be this, she must do that. she must, she must. They think they are buying prostitutes because they have paid the site. I would think very carefully before you try this site as a woman. there are the battle worn women on there but if you are at all normal and expect a normal person to talk to run for your life

    the odd man that is decent

    you leave yourself open to nasty predators who think they can talk to you like dirt because they have paid a subscription fee to do so. watch out for the false allegations when you dont want to meet loonys

    illicitencounters very scary

    I joined and pretty soon realised there are only really a very small amount of men. But you are as a woman open to all kinds of abuse because they are paying and they think they can treat you any way they want. I was contacted by a man who asked me out and I genuinely couldnt make it. He said we could be friends then made a date with another woman. I was supportive, the more supportive I was the nastier he got saying I pushed women away. He then accused me of stalking him after he contacted me sent me three gifts and said the site was going to contact the police. I was actually seeing a police officer I met on there so I was really scared as thought how embarrassing this may be for him. The women may not have to pay but if you are genuine you have to take an awful lot of rubbish from the men. I was crying for weeks every time this man contacted me twisted what I said or lied about me. Is it worth it. NO. The administrators should have more sense than to go along with these loonys.

    some nice men who you can talk to

    open to abusive men who pay so get away with it

    Frighteningly Easy!

    I joined without paying and very soon, of course, realised that unless you fork out serious money you might as well not be there.

    It is a lot and I made sure I took the minimum subscription out. I paid on Wednesday, was in contact with several genuine ladies by Wednesday night and was in bed with a very nice lady on Thursday!

    OK...I'm late 40's and the ladies I'm looking for are 40 to 60's and not super models by any means. Even so it was almost frighteningly easy to meet good genuine people.

    There were some obvious players but in my area there were genuine bored married women looking for extra.

    Hopefully I don't need to say keep your wits about you and safe sex at least until you properly know your partner.

    Bottom line....the site does what it says on the tin as long as you're honest and not too trusting you'll be fine!

    Met and started a sexual relationship very soon after joining. Be honest and open and you might find it almost frighteningly easy to meet someone.

    My age group...late 40's through 50's had a good few genuine local ladies. If you specifically want younger, slim, fit women you may be chasing a very few genuine ones.

    Be aware some of the women are players r pros but these are easy to spot.


    poor management & not enough man to woman ratio

    wouldn't recommend to ANYONE


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