For good sake, DON'T send any $$$

For good sake, DON'T send any $$$

Hey everyone, I've been honest as can be in my research for a lover.

Now check this out...Im not a bad looking guy, hit the gym 3-5 times a week, full time job etc...

I never wanted to date a girl from one of those sites, but I ended up getting feelings for this girl. Skyping almost every day, after 2-3 months, we decide to take steps for a visit visa...I sended her a few bucks for the Acces canada fees.

After a few more steps like the letter of invitation, she kept me updated...

Suddenly, she has the visa du 3 months later...

An agent from acces canada calls me long distance to confirm.

Its sounds pretty amazing until now,

In total 6 months have passed, sended her a few more $ to help for the plane ticket...and then...NOTHING!

No more email, phone and skype connection.

Turned out that the so called agent is not!!!!

I called directly and they confirm this guy is not an Acces Canada worker!
Things dont work that way they explain...

Alright, all that to say Im just another sucker here!

Dont trust anyone from these sites! Im burned from

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