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I thought this site would be okay given that Cupid Media has other reputable sites. However, my experiences are 100% negative and I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone.

When I joined, I received dozens of messages before my profile pics were approved. That was the first clue.

If I reply to a message from a woman, asking for some information about herself, I am consistently asked to move the conversation off the site to imo, WhatsApp, email or skype. They do this because they are going to ask for money and if they do it on site they will get reported and booted.

The women tell you over and over again that they are serious and a one-man woman and a long litany of other motherhood but never actually tell you any facts about themselves or their life other than repeating a few stats from their profile (single, 5'6, etc.). This is of course because they are simply following a script designed to eventually ask for money and don't have the wit or motivation to even lie convincingly.

Common sense suggests that like myself there must be a few women on that site that are sincerely looking for a partner (1%?). But how would I ever find them? Every time I log in, there are dozens of new messages waiting for me from scammers. The awkward design of the site requires that I take a few minutes to deal with a single message. Chances are that I will be so frustrated by the time I come across a message from a serious woman, it will be tossed out like the baby with the bath water. And there is no point sending me interest, I get so much interest from scammers that a legitimate woman's interest will scroll off the bottom of the list within an hour and be lost.

And here's the very best part. :) This site includes a feature that allows a scammer to delete the entire history of messages she (probably he) has exchanged with me, leaving no trace. So that means that if they fail to scam me today, they can try me again tomorrow with a fresh slate.

This is not the first dating site I've tried. None are perfect. But most get the job done and would get 3 or 4 stars out of 5 from me. This however is a zero star site and a total waste of money.

PS I contacted site management and asked for suggestions to help me wade through all of the scammers more efficiently and zero in on the few legitimate members. They didn't get back to me.


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