Afro worked for me

I joined Afro in December of 2010 and chatted with many women and a few scammers too who were very funny to chat with. I met my wife from East Africa on here in 2010 and we married in 2011 and we are still married and very happy with lovely kids. During that time I made friends with women from West Africa and SA. Some I met in person while others I have only talked on the phone with or video chats. All are decent women and the one in SA I consider a close friend because of our talks. With Afro as in with other sites. You must weed out the scammers and all the people asking for money. With patience you can find good people. I'm glad I did and I love my extended African family. I will say these people are better than my own family and way smarter too. Actually I used to feel intimidated when I was asked how many languages I spoke and I answered only one. The whole family has been to college with many having Master degrees and a few with PhD's. My wife speaks and writes Russian, German, French, English plus two languages from her country.. Just weed through all the bad and you will find the good. They are out there.

It's easy to use and you can meet people worldwide.

Watch out for the scammers. They can be funny and entertaining.

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