Paying for Dating via Bitcoin: Sites and Services

Paying for Dating via Bitcoin: Sites and Services

October 2, 2018

Electronic currencies have firmly entered our life. However, Bitcoin is the most popular one. Perhaps, this is the only currency for today that is devoid of centralized management. In addition, this currency is not subject to the jurisdiction of any country for the lack of persons regulating it. However, the development of the currency continues, mainly, due to the convenience of sellers. In this full guide, we describe some dating services that already use Bitcoin and accept payment in this currency.
Dating service Badoo (that is used by 300 million people) offers its users to buy premium services on the site for cryptocurrency. The basic services are provided to the users of the site for free, but it is possible to connect a paid premium plan in which a visitor is not shown ads and he/she has the opportunity to remain anonymous. Again, the payment for these options can be made in Bitcoin (in addition to ordinary money).

This service positions itself as the best service for finding soulmates. And later it was called “google” in the field of online dating. Of course, basic services, such as finding a partner and communicating with him or her are provided for free. However, there is a paid premium plan. When you pay for it, you can completely get rid of advertising and keep anonymity when searching. In addition to the usual money for a premium plan, you can pay it by Bitcoin.
This is a dating site for buyers and sellers of Bitcoin who want to make a deal in person. This site is supplemented by the Escrow system. There is a function of SMS confirmation of funds transfer, so you need to take your smartphone everywhere. It covers 180 countries and even shows the distance to the city in which a customer is if you don’t find him or her in your city. So, this is also a good way to get acquainted.

All of the above services are just one of many other platforms in which you can use Bitcoin. But, unfortunately, in a dating world, only these services use cryptocurrency for the present.

How to protect oneself?
A couple of years ago, when the price of Bitcoin was growing rapidly, a huge number of people began to think about this alternative form of money. Within a short time, people have become convinced of the advantages of a decentralized monetary system. Using this cryptocurrency, you don’t have to face bureaucracy, high commission fees, and the influence of external factors on the position of the currency. Even many world-famous corporations work with digital money. But at the same time, this cryptocurrency has come to the attention of many intruders. Over the past four years, Bitcoin fraud has become a real problem for many users of dating survives and the total amount of all Bitcoin frauds is already measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.

In order not to get caught on the hook of scammers, remember 2 simple rules:

  • Don’t pursue easy profit. Often, scammers on dating sites allegedly accidentally send you a Bitcoin address and a private key asking to send money to the specified address. They hope that you will take advantage of other people’s money. Actually, you get an executable .exe file instead of a text file that will give access to your wallet after its installation. So, don’t be greedy, friends. ·
  • Don’t click on unknown links. You can get a message from a person who offers to visit his or her website but you should use the BTC wallet information for authorization. In this case, the consequences are fairly predictable. Therefore, carefully check any person who wants to access your personal information.

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