Considered by many one of the most unusual dating sites in the online realm, DiaperMates.com has become a tremendous success in the dating industry. Being featured in more online publications than any other dating site in the last five years, the site for diaper enthusiasts gathers people with this bizarre (to many) fetish, as well as many curious people who go online. DiaperMaters.com doesn’t come with your usual dating site format. It appears, at first, to be a website where you could read information on specific topics related to diapers. In a way, you are right to say that this dating site is not your ordinary one. Besides that, it gathers around people who have a non-traditional fetish; this website is an online community. Here, you will have access to their online forum, where many topics are discussed; the site’s chat, where people from all over the world meet online, as well as a photo and video section, where you can view pictures of members in diapers. Unusually as it may seem, DiaperMates.com has grown quite rapidly into an online community of diaper enthusiasts. Each day, thousands of members are logging in to read and comment on their forums, chat with others, see videos uploaded, and, of course, send and view photos of men and women wearing diapers. If you are into it, we suggest you get online now and create a free account on the best website in its niche.

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    I'm trying for 2 hours to sign up getting know where can't add description ..can't add age no matter what I type in says can't join if over 85 Jesus I'm donkeys yrs away from that ...very disappointed as I'm new to diapers

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