What a sham

Red flags from the moment you sign up. No way there are 10,000 hot women 18-60 wanting sex, living near me. First, their profiles all say "physical contact not possible" so why start talking to them? They will sound like they want you to come over right now, then they want to know you better. They keep sending you the same pictures when you request a "selfie", then their camera doesn't work on their phone, etc. They tell you they will meet with you "soon" or "very soon" which goes on for months. They won't meet for a coffee even at a place of their choosing. Many will not answer your questions directly. Their profile says, "Ask me for my location" but when you ask they say a general city. They won't give you even a North Dallas or Waco. And when they say they are in "downtown xyz" they do not know that my downtown is not busy and fun, but slow and full of antique shops. When you don't respond to them for two days, you will receive a message asking if they did something wrong or don't you miss me? There are times when you send your message, but it takes forever to send, you click again... AND it costs you another credit, or it won't attach the message. ALso, the girls sound insulted when you ask them to prove they aren't just someone typing messages. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I would give ZERO stars if available

Can't think of one

No way all these women want me. If so, where were they my whole life?

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That review describes almost exactly my own experience on any of these sites. Lies, deceptions and more lies. I agree, don’t waste your time and money.

I had to read this review again because I could have written it. To add to it, sometimes there are multiple profiles using the same images. Even if the say they are waiting for you to get to her place to f&@“‘m, “she” says she wants to know you better first, leave. I bet these entertainment “agents” get paid on how many click they receive and how many you buy.

How is living nearby 100 miles away? I looked at must be 1,000 profiles or more all hot, horny ladies living near me? All of them have stars ⭐️ by their name, which the site says no contact possible. So, those must be the “entertainers”, but I have NEVER seen one without a star. Also, they complain when you don’t respond in a day or two, but they are ALWAYS available, even at 03:00? FAKE FAKE FAKE!

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