Sugar Daddy For Me = CROOKS!

Sugar Daddy For Me = CROOKS!

They are crooks, plain and simple. They made unauthorized charges on my credit card and when I contacted them, they assured me they would take care of it. Instead, they just went ahead and continued to charge me -- I had to have my credit card number changed!\r\nTheir correspondences with me seemed to be templates, and bad templates at that -- giving totally conflicting information within the same letters. Beware and avoid this site unless you are a glutton for punishment!

There are no pros. The site is terrible.

They are crooks -- they will continue to charge your credit card without your permission. It takes over 48 hours to get in touch with anybody (hear back from customer service), and even then, you can't talk to a live person -- you just end up getting confusing emails that don't directly address your complaint and urge you to keep using their service...

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