Too make fake SD profiles

Too make fake SD profiles

Ladies!!! Do yourself a favour and DO NOT use this fraudulent website. I’ve been on it 8+ days and so far I’ve been contacted by THREE fake people claiming to be wealthy sugar daddies. They even had photos of “themselves”. After a couple days of chatting with you and making you feel as ease, they ask you for your banking info or credit card so they can “send” you “money”... I hope you’re all smart enough to RUN as soon as someone asks for your bank info; because anyone who genuinely wants to send you money doesn’t need to have access to your account, only your email. Also, why would anyone want to send you money before at least meeting you once? Another sign is they all speak broken English or don’t spell properly, and so they have all been in the “States”, a fact I seriously doubt.
This website is HORRIBLE. They don’t seem to verify their clients in anyway (photos, emails, phone numbers, Facebooks etc.) anyone can make up a fake account and join using a prepaid credit card.
Stay away ladies!!!!!!


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