Believe that most dating sites are bogus

Believe that most dating sites are bogus

Based upon what others have stated about XPress, I decided to do a test. Now, I am a pretty darn good looking guy, slim, and in shape. I was receiving dating and meeting requests from some of the females in my area. When I replied to them I simply asked each one if they would provide me with their cell phone number and personal email address as I wanted to prove if XPress is legitimate or not by calling or emailing them to verify. I get one sentence generic replies back with "why don't you think this site is legitimate?", "you don't think I'm real?", "I'm sorry you feel that way", etc,. These replies only come through the site . None have ever given me their cell phone or email address even though I sent photos and explained what I was trying to do. What I would like to know is why the FTC allows these bogus sites to continue to rip everyone off. Probably because they operate out of a third world country.

Absolutely none.

The word says it all. CON.

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