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To delete your Cougared profile you must log-in using your username and password, then go to the Cougared Settings button at the top. You will then see a link on the left hand column titled Cancel my account. Click that link, then tick the checkbox that appears in the middle and hit Cancel Cougared Account. The checkbox appears to make sure that Cougared delete account is really what you want to do. The Cougared admin will receive a note that you wish to cancel and will manually remove your profile.


In order to use all of the features of Cougared, you need to subscribe and become a member. The Cougared price is $0.00 , this means it's totally free. You don't need a special Cougared promo code to subscribe.


To get Cougared contact, please use the contact form by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of the page.

Cougared Reviews

    good site

    Cougared is a good site (despite the fakes) BUT I can't even log in with my password.

    It's a friendly site & you can chat & make some amazing friends

    I don't like the "fakes" and the fact that I can't currently log in with my password.

    Fake site

    When you first start your profile you need to be verified, the site says it might take a few hours. I kept count of the DAYS. It took two weeks and six days to be verified. Once in the site you can’t even add normal pictures. If you want to add a picture you have to completely change the format through another app. Every single profile that I saw and interacted with was indeed fake. This site would get a 0 out of 5 stars. Please do not waste your time.

    You can see hot pictures of women that are not really on the site.

    The entire website.


    This site is what you make of it. Have met great guys, had a lot of fun. Filtering and making smart choices is part of the process...be patient, scan photos through Google images to make sure you're chatting w/a real person, and you're good to go.

    Endless selection

    really dreadful texting system, could use an upgrade. Switching to email/phone as quickly as possible takes some of the frustration out of the situation


    I tried joining this site for two weeks now but its always locked up.I finally got on it long enough to do a search and found lots of Nigerian scammers using the same photoes of porn stars they always use.Like Raven Riley,Blueyed cass,Ann Angle,Next door Nikki,Lana Brooke,Josie Ann Miller,Megan QT and many more.Whenever you click on something,it takes about two minutes for it to even start doing anything.Its the slowest site iv'e ever been on and whoever runs it isn't any faster.Iv'e been waiting for days to have my profile approved and it still hasn't been approved but after seeing all the scammers on the search i'm just gonna forget it.Just go to scammerslist.com and compare there photos with Courgared.coms and you'll catch on quickly.Even though its free its just a wast of time unless your a scam baiter.

    Its free if you like talking to scammers.Personally they make me puke.There might very well be a few real people on there but it would take you hours to get a sentence in.

    Lots of scammers and its the slowest site iv'e ever been on.

    Cougared.com review

    I've been a member of this site for a while and I have met some really awesome guys. The best part is the site is free so you don't have to be a paying member to send or respond to messages like many other dating sites.

    It's free!

    It tends to mess up every so often where you can't even get on the site.


    i found this web site exellent and would recomend it

    many new women

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