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All around the world, Iranians are trying to maintain their identity and heritage by finding a partner with a similar cultural background. Given the demand and need for such a services from Iranians around the world, a group of devoted Iranians have decided to create a dating and personals website specifically design for them. Over the years, many Iranians from all five continents have managed to find a life partner and get married with the help of Iranian Personals. If you want to find more about these success love stories, access the website right now. Creating an account is straightforward, and, in a matter of minutes, you will be able to search and view profiles of single Iranian men and women from all over the world. In your quest for finding an Iranian match, you can take advantage of the great features available on this website. Such as instant messaging, search options, chat rooms and message boarding. Don’t forget that all of these are free. So, take advantage right now! On Iranian Personals, you can search for a partner in a relaxed and confidential way. You don’t have to bind contracts, you won’t be pressured – just get online and search for people just like you. If you are thinking of taking your Iranian heritage forward with your partner, then this is a great place to start searching for that special someone. Absolutely free, this is probably the best and most popular online Iranian community you will find. Don’t waste time on sites that don’t work. Join in right now!

Iranian Personals Reviews

    Scam site

    I got subscriptions twice and paid and the web site didn�t up great my profile, when i contact with them they didn�t return my money back just said that we gonna fix , and nothing until now you showed my subscription will be expired soon but nothing work

    Scam site

    I got subscriptions twice and paid and the web site didn’t up great my profile, when i contact with them they didn’t return my money back just said that we gonna fix , and nothing until now you showed my subscription will be expired soon but nothing work

    Abusive and offensive language

    The website is full of members who use abusive language and the site does NOT do anything about it. You can report them but the site does not care. The WORST dating site ever. They should be sued over their lack of responsibilities and encouraging online abuse.


    Many RUDE and ABUSIVE behavior. Very DISGUSTING.

    terrible experience

    I signed up 3 months and never had a chance to meet a normal person.

    nothing special

    same as other dating website full of scammers and a money grab

    Don’t even waist your breath over this site

    As a male I highly recommend both male and females to stay away from IP I have been trying this site since 2011 and over the years this site has been becoming more useless over the past years you can’t trust or believe any gender on here lies after lies and basically every single person is either looking for sugar mommy or sugar daddy don’t fall for their %40 discount because it’s just waisting money and time. In general you can’t trust any dating sites anymore due to many scammers and losers stay away from this site

    This site really stinks.

    I could write about the lack of quality on this site but that would be for another time. My main comment today is about the system. It stinks. They had this antiquated system for years. In an attempt to copy Match and other hipper dating sites, they so-called upgraded the system recently. It's a hodgepodge of equally dysfunctional features. Nothing works on this site not that it ever did. Don't waste your money buying membership. It'd be better to flush it down the toilet.

    Nothing really


    Waste of time and energy!

    The men on this site are not datable! If not down right lists, cheaters or charlatans, they are mostly emotionally too damaged to be of use to any woman. These weirdos can do serious damage!

    Absolutely Nada! Steer clear of this sewage.

    This site is populated by losers!

    Beware of the male gold-diggers on this site!

    What most of us Persian ladies don't think of is the Iranian men as gold-diggers and money opportunists! Well, it seems to be a new and dangerous trend and this lousy site is infested by them! Men in their 40's, 50's or even 60's who advertise themselves as established and secure financially and looking for a long-term relationship but in reality are looking for a sugarmommy and cash-cow. And the high-status ladies on this site who are enjoying their new- found financial and social power fall prey to these men! I met such a man on this site. He drove a Cadillac, had a nice townhouse and pretended to have a good career! It turned out it was all a sham! Soon he wanted me to pay for everything, finance his life and even buy him a house! All under the excuse that we were going to build a life together!
    So beware of the money-grabbing wolf in the family-man sheep's clothing!


    This site is the epitome of con!

    I Met My Wife On Iranian Personals

    I went on a few dates from IP but nothing clicked. I had more or less given up on the site until some nice Persian lady emailed me. We chatted a bit and decided to meet up at Irvine Spectrum for coffee and wow, we really hit it off. We're now engaged (8 months after meeting) and I couldn't be happier. We are both grateful for Iranian Personals!!!

    I met my match.

    It's fate, a numbers game. You never know when you will meet the ONE.

    Don't waste your time! It doesn't work!

    I couldn't agree more with the previous review. I have witnessed the exact same things while I was on this site for a few months. Many profiles have been there for years and are way past their self life! Some men seem to have taken permanent residence on this site! Ironically the age stays the same and the pics don't change either! This shows that either this site can't really match people or that many people on it use it for reasons other than a genuine relationship, such as kill time, entertainment and window shopping, ego stroke, trolling, hookup or in the worst case scenario grift and con.
    What struck me the most is the number of men on this site that have a likely mental disorder. I saw lots of narcissistic tendencies and aggressive trends. You see lots of intense love bombing that suggests borderline traits. Yeah, my field is psychology and human behavior. Be careful! These relationships are usually toxic and inevitably end badly. The bottom line is that most members on this site are undatable and it would be extremely unlikely to find your life partner on this site!

    I couldn't find any!

    Lots of crazies hanging loose on this site!

    A cesspool

    I write this review as a mature professional woman. My views are based on my experience with this site on three occasions spread over an 11 year period. This site has just gotten worse over the years. Predators, cons and sick men are running amok on this site and prey on their victims with impunity. The administration takes no moral or legal responsibility to protect the members especially the females. You don't believe me, read their terms of service! This site is openly biased against women. My advice to women on this site is to leave ot at least be very vigilant. I first tried this site 11 years ago and soon gave up as I saw no genuine outcome. I temporarily returned in 2014. To my surprise many active profiles remained exactly the same as 7 years prior. The same antiquated system remained. I am sure this site does not even use a real algorithm to match members much less a real quality control system. I tried it again in 2017. I saw an even worse deterioration in the quality of members. Again the same software exactly as more than a decade ago. Again many old profiles woth the same pictures that remained active. Ironically the owners of these profiles were younger than a decade ago! Up till recently they could easily and as often as wanted change their age. My most recent experience has proven that there are lots of men who use this site as a hookup place. However their profile claim their search for a long-term committed relationships. I understand that the romantic idea of finding a life partner who shares one's original culture and language is very appealing. That's the reason I have given this site a few tries over the years. But every time it has turned out to be an unpleasant, demoralizing and sobering experience. Do yourselves a favor and stay out of this cesspool! I know that I will.


    . Antiquated algorithm
    . Poor matching system
    . Unsafe site especially for women
    . Administration takes no steps or accepts any responsibility to protect its members. You'd be on your own.
    . Mostly fake, old profiles: most profiles bear wrong age, height, education and income.
    . Many use it for hookups

    Do not trust iranianpersonals

    Please read the other reviews above from women who have experience with this website. They are absolutely correct, every word they said is correct.


    Waste of your time
    Waste of your energy
    Waste of your emotions

    Lack of quality on Iranian personal

    I have tried Iranian personal on and off for few years. Most people on this site are very very low quality, they lie about their age, education, job and marital status. You constantly have to be on guard since everyone LIES. A lot of fake/duplicate profile. You get contacted by a lot of matches overseas who essentially look for a way to get to US. People are looking for causal relationship and nothing serious can come out of this site.

    You can send emails even if you are not a paid member

    Lack of quality people.
    Lack of quality people
    Lack of quality people

    Don't waste your time/money

    Many old/fake profiles..People are generally 10 years older and 40 pounds heavier than what they claim.

    no pros

    lots of cons...

    internet dating is illusion, not real

    Iranian personal dating website is not going to work for you, because no one on this site trust anyone at all, so you won't find any decent relationship from this site. I have tried this for over 3 years, and there are only looser here. I won't waste my time here anymore. I don't recoment this to anyone.

    don't use internet for dating or finding life partner.

    wasting your valuable time and energy.


    I became a member there, Iranianpersonals, and noticed every time I got online the website was under maintenance and it broke down after a few minutes. The other issue was that if one views the other gender's profiles, one can see that the same profile appears a few times for example on page one and again on page three. By doing that one can increase the number of people who are online at the same time! That means if there are 8 people online and you put their profiles twice it becomes 16. I am sure in the 21 century there is a software to avoid this issue from happening.
    Anyway, when I informed them that their service is less than satisfactory and they should not charge people for this kind of service, they did not respond to me, but suspended my membership and refunded my money. There was no email and no apology or anything which could explain why things are this way.
    I would say, I would not expect this kind of behavior in the civilised world.People would apologize and try to keep their customers happy. I suspect the one who runs this website is not aware what is going on there and if if he is awars and it is happening under his supervision,it is really depressing.

    About the sirte itelf

    Others have talked about the quality of the people on this site. Lots of weird people here? Absolutely! I will tell you a little bit about the site itself. This site recently got a facelift. Unfortunately it looks like the facelift was done by one of those cheap Persian doctors with no plastic surgery experience!! You know what I mean! I am sure you have seen all those Persian nose jobs that look like someone is pinching the nose, not to mention the nostrils you can see all the way!!
    The site was probably purchased by a larger company. The quality dropped drastically. I am not sure the people behind it are even Persian any more. The site is often down. Images do not load; or they are cutoff. Links do not work. Evidently, they could not care less. Searching is frustrating. The site’s design is not user-friendly at all. Customer service is a big zero.
    Online dating is big these days. However, for the Persian community in the US, there is nothing that is worthwhile. Hopefully someone will come up with something with a little more substance to it.

    Don't go there

    I had a profile with no photos for about 10 days. I don't recommand this website at all. People are not the good quality that you would expect and if you don't respond to their emails and IMs they will strart swearing at you via emails.
    It was interesting that I came across a couple of profiles that I knew them and they were definitely dishonest. But I would have expect it. you are dealing with men not angels.

    Best way to remind you why you shouldn't look for iranian men.

    another useless so called dating website!


    Just becarefull. know the person very well before going to far in your relationship. some people in this site are here for a long time. If they are realy looking for relationship, how come they cauld not find the one in 3-4 years. there are a lot of married man on this site who are just using the women. like out side dating, be smart, take your time, don't believe what you hear before studing it. do not let some low self steem people take advantage of you.
    I found out about this site through a friend and I did study it for a few years to see how it works, and I am glad that I learned a lot from it and I AM NOT RECOMMENDING IT TO ANY FRIEND INCLUDING YOU MY DEAR.

    This is a rusty web site- Don't get trapped here

    1- They trap you with a promotion, and put a tiny term somewhere which maybe you even can't see it and they will charge you for renewal which will be full price at the end of term without your knowledge - abusing your credit information. Even if you have deleted the account, they won't refund the money to you. rn2- People who are there are most likely are there to have fun and not for a serious relationship. If you are looking for your life-time match, this is not a proper way my friend.rn3- Finding a person who can answer this mess is so difficult. Customer service is almost zero.rnrnIn one word, if you are a gamer, and you have time to waste, this is a right place.rnI'm going to fight with them, because I believe they abused my credit card and i don't believe what they have claimed.

    Iranian Personals: a dating site or dictatorship

    I just tried to share my concerns with World singles which is the parent organization to Iranain Personals. They have a section where you can leave a review. It was shocking to see that they first review and approve your review before posting it . Of course mine was not approved because of its critical nature. So, what kind of review would it be if it's approved first and only posted if positive. I think this site runs a dictatorship and it wouldn't surprise me if it's affiliated with Iranian government. Their policies and tactics appear very much similar!


    Poor policies, poor administration, poor monitoring,

    Iranian personals won't protect its members from abuse

    I was a member on this site for a while. Soon, it became abvious that there is no real monitoring of who is on this site and what they're doing. Most people have multiple profiles which apparently the operators of this site know and condone. Most lie on their profile. There are lots of members who use abusive and profane language. The administration keep a closed eye on all of this as long as they make their money and get their traffic. Let's face it there aren't that many other alternatives for the Iranians who are interested in dating Iranians!
    However there have been some very ominous signs which really point to how callous and irresponsible this site is. A site that shelters predators and cons and facilitates them to prey on other unsuspecting members should not exist and Iranian Personal is such site. I personally had an experience which confirmed it. I came across a profile that caught my attention. When I reviewed it I discovered that it was an old profile which had received extreme make-over. I know the man behind the profile. He had dated several women, some of whom I know closely. He is a dangerous player who uses women any way he can. Everything about him is a lie. He's ruined many lives and shattered many more spirits. This 54 y/o married man with 2 kids portrayed had re-invented himself as a 41 y/o single guy with no kids and no previous marriage. It's interesting that he had not even bothered to create a new profile and just changed his nickname ( which the system wouldn't allow you to do if you are not a paying member but he is!) and his personal descriptions. I contacted the administration and reported him for fabrication and gave them a background history of how he has been on this site for years and operated under different profiles preying on women. I reminded them that it was their ethical and social obligation to stop him. Not only Iranian Personals administration didn't take it seriously, they also ended my membership to shut me up. They response was that they had no ethical obligation to investigate just because I said so. They said that it was my responsibility to prove my allegations but wouldn't tell me what kind of proof they needed. When I insisted, they wouldn't let me log in. They did it without any warning. They stopped responding to my emails. I know that another woman called them a few months ago and explained to them how this man had tricked her and extorted thousands of dollars from her, how he was still married and used this site to prey on hopeful and naive women and again Iranian Personal did not take any action what so ever.
    So it's become clear that this site does not care about the safety and well-being of its members and facilitates predators roam free on this site and prey on other members. It does not take the concerns of its members seriously and even ends their memberships abruptly if they dare raise a concern or expect an action.
    My advice to everyone is:"IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY AND WELL-BEING, STAY AWAY FROM IRANIAN PERSONALS, RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK". You'll save yourself lots of trouble and possibly much more by staying off this site.

    None what-so-ever

    Refer to my comments. Believe me this site is all cons.

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