SensualAgenda Is Stealing $ Legally �����

SensualAgenda Is Stealing $ Legally �����

If something seems too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.I�ve used online dating websites since the beginning for 20 years and know a fraud what I see one and this site is a fraud. For starters, no real site has as many beautiful �, yet horny women just begging to be fucked. Next, no site has some many women hitting on a man morning, noon and night. Next, after about the 3rd hit, I realized that something wack was happening as I reworded my profile at the top to say �USE THIS PHRASE WHEN CONTACTING ME�. Not one reply in 100 used it, even when I asked a 2nd time. Next, when I replied to any of these fictional messages, I gave specific 1., 2., 3. questions in an attempt to gauge whether anyone was actually reading my messages and not a single reply addressed a single question. Next, I contacted [email protected] asking why they erased certain things in the �About Me� section, they said that it takes as many as 72 hours to post my info, yet none of the information was illicit except that I said that �this site has many gremlins�.

. Ironically, they posted my "Looking For" information immediately.

My huge mistake and probably yours is that I did not read any of these similarly written reviews in advance of purchasing credits. Fortunately, I only purchased a few of them �.

Very attractive photos of very attractive women with some very �pretty little pussies� ����

Read my review. After a few hours spent over a couple of days, it is a total waste of time. The few remaining credit I have shall be forfeited as is a total waste of time.

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