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WhatsYourPrice.com Reviews

    Fake profiles will rip you off.

    Women agree on a price for a date with you, and then you have to pay approx £15 each time in credits (not cheap eh?), to contact them and make arrangements for the meet. And guess what? Yes, that's right. Once you have paid that money you never get a reply from them.
    Just another version of a lucrative dating scam. A fool and his money are soon parted!


    As many others have said. Fake profiles.

    EGADS! A fool and his money....

    Neat concept but….only in a perfect world.

    Thought I would try it out. Finding mostly 20somethings who ask for ridiculous sums of cash; ie $200, $300, $500???!!! Ladies give your head a shake. Also, I am highly suspicious of some profiles as they appear to be fake. Seems as if these profiles are set up to bait men into blowing credits because these girls disappear or never follow through 80% of the time. Be careful who you ‘wink’ at or who winks at you. Especially those profiles with glamour photos or claim to be models. If it’s to good to be true,,,,it probably is. Better to spend your online time and dollars elsewhere. Not recommended.

    ??? I'm thinking, I'm thinking

    - a overlygenerous amount of fake female profiles found here
    - ridiculous $ums are asked for dates (it's just a date - I'm not trying to purchase a small country here)
    - majority of accepting females will flake out
    - to many 20somethings (which explains the above) and not enough 40+ ladies
    - I could go on but do wish to bore you any longer

    whatsyourprice- waste of time

    I joined for 2 weeks but just got 100s of messages from guys mostly old and gross or young and nerdy and unattractive looking for nsa sex for the price of a dinner.
    It was shocking and sad to see men like this exist in the world.

    Luke I am sure they have a sister or mother they would not want treated badlyso why treat other girls in tbis manner

    I joined because I though its a fun concept, but then I realised its not fun just lots of disgusting emails from losers thinking they are rich and entitled to sex from a nice girl without be charming.

    Site is just for losers
    Guys who can't get dates the normal way with charm

    None would never join again

    Full of slimey creeps looking for nsa sex for the price of a dinner, really insulting and disgusting, total waste of time

    This website is real, and you can have a great time

    If you really are what the website asks you to be (a generous man) and you have realistic expectations and reasonable social skills and good personal grooming habits, you will have a really fine time with this website and meet some nice women. Contrary to what some other reviewers have said, the women and the profiles are actually real. Expect a third of them to accept a date and not answer, and another third will probably flake out before meeting you, especially if your offer isn't that large or if you wait too long to act. But if you select carefully, you will probably have a great time. It's true that some women are flakes, but many men are assholes. Don't be one of them! You just make things worse for those (like me) who really are sincere.

    Can you read? Do you have good skills reading body language? It's easy to tell what women want. If her pictures emphasize her boobs that says one thing. If she wear glasses and talks about her English degree in her profile, that says another thing. Set your standards and goals, and find an appropriate date for you. Remember that the 18-year-old does not want to meet you for the same reasons as the 35-year-old single mom with three children. Use good sense and you can have a great time on this website.

    Paying for a date sounds tacky, but it improves the odds for you as a male. You will find that you can meet real women who are much younger, more attractive, and smarter than you would ever meet at most other websites, even other sites that are devoted to Sugar Daddy relationships. The commission that WYP takes is small (5-10%, depending on the membership level you choose). Of course, many of those dates do not end up happening, but the cost is small. One $250 membership and I have had a lot of dates.

    I've been on this website for a few months. I've noticed that most women join and are active only briefly. My guess is that most of the men don't live up to their expectations. So stop complaining. Focus on being a good man, or at least the best man that you can be, and you'll find good women. Good luck.

    Decent Website!!

    I cannot believe all of the bad reviews! I have had 90% great experiences so far. I have had great dates with gorgeous women from 25-35. I look young for my age which helps, but you either have game or you do not... I only go for the most beautiful women on the site. This is the best site ever! Many of these guys complaining are obviously not very good looking or have no charm with picking or being with women. Yes, it is expensive to date these women (the hot ones), but who cares?!! Its worth it! I have 2 women right now that are relationship material. Time will tell... until then, I am having the time of my life...
    blows away all other dating sites!! If you can afford it , then man up and do it... if not , stay away little boys....

    Dates with gorgeous women that you would rarely get otherwise
    The women are mostly looking for successful guys that have $$ and game

    Pricey dates to land the hot ones
    Sometimes distances are great between dates

    My experience on this site

    after spending 3 months on this site and messaging girls and making offers. I learned that 90 % of profiles are fake profiles made by the same people who designed the website in the first place... I would recommend POF at least its free and you meet real people real profile and badoo also has 75 % real profiles .... every website is going to have a number of fake profiles but with this website its almost like 90 % that are fake ... with badoo and POF its like only 20 % that are fake profiles .. so i recommend this site for losers who have money to lose and nothing else to gain ...

    There are none what so ever ... 90 % of profiles are fake

    90 % of profiles are totally fake ...


    Don't believe it. 80% of the girls are fake and all of them love "sushi" on their profile. They have VAs in India who get you to reply. Don't waste your time on this site.

    Fake Profiles just to get you to buy Credits

    I have communicated with a few potential dates on here. Several have out of state phone numbers but explain it by saying they just moved to town. The others just never give you a number or email even after you ask for it. Why would they accept your offer to only go away. lol So you will buy credits to communicate! Good luck getting a date on this site.


    The women will not really respond and if they do they have a phone number from miles away. After you use credits to communicate you will not hear back from them.

    Beware of the guys that are looking for prostitutes

    It's always nice to see an offer come in from a sweet and attractive gentleman. Winks are a waste of time because most of the guys that wink don't have money to even accept an offer.

    Look at profiles that have " premium member" which makes sure that you're accepting an offer from someone that has taken the time to purchase credits. If you get offers from someone that hasn't, be prepared for your acceptance to sit there indefinitely.

    There are many creeps on this site primarily ones with fake pictures 20 years old that are just looking to pay for sex. Try to avoid any men pushing 50 because they all offer great first date amounts (usually) but they tend to try and ask you to "come over" for the date. They waste credits because once they realize you're a normal girl and not one that is open to getting paid for sex, they stop responding to your messages for the date.

    Stick with the younger guys, not only will you have more in common with them but they are not pushy like the older men are. Plus they have some great plans for dates that are so much fun!

    Guys 43 and below are happy to take you out on a nice date and enjoy your company.

    Guys 48 and over are there for prostitutes so don't accept offers from them.

    Don't give out email because they use you as their pen pal and don't want to go out on a date or want you to forget it's a paid dating site. These types also push for sex or may ditch you on paying for the date because they can't get sex. You may even here " i'll pay you after you do **** with me". So it's wasted time with someone that you barely have anything in common with and you may view as a walking pedophile. Avoid at all costs.

    I feel bad lumping all older men into this bunch but apparently before this site existed older men generally had to see hookers if they wanted to date someone out of their age range. Sadly they don't view this as an opportunity to show younger normal women their respectful decent sides.

    1.Don't into cars with strangers
    2.Let someone know where you will be at all times
    3.Have 911 on speed dial if you feel you've met someone dangerous.
    Don't let him walk you to your car, you may never make it to your driver's seat alive.
    4.Don't believe the ages and pictures on the site, many guys that are older lie by about 10-20 years to get you to accept a lower offer and meet them.
    5.Be wary of anyone that wants you to email off the site or call them. It's smart to provide a contact number but unnecessary discussions can prove to waste your time talking to someone that has no plans to take you out on a date.


    i had a date, we ended up getting a hotel i paid her the agree price, spent a whole night with her, had fun with her four times during the evening

    it was a very good date until i had found out some money had gone missing from my wallet

    so my advice is yes by all means do it, but make sure if you have any cash in the wallet make sure you put it somewhere else

    you can cut to the chase if the girl is up for it

    some girls on there mess you about.

    some are dishonest

    you are not going to find your life partner on that site

    Best dating site I've tried so far

    I was sceptical at first, but I am really happy with several of the girls I have met on this site. I've been on 5a first dates so far and I plan on seeing three of them again.

    At first, I thought the concept was extremely superficial...but then it kind of dwned on my that women have been screening for success, wealth and generosity since the beginning of time. This concept is only a little less subtle.

    Even though I am a confident, successful and attractive guy, I always have trouble getting noticed on most websites. Not here. Most girls I like on the site check on my profile and give me a shot if I offer $100 for our first date, although one (who is now my favorite one after our first date) counteroffered $150.

    Two of the girls I met weren't for me. Two are genuinely attracted to me and want to go out again. My favorite one is going out with me again this Friday.

    Being a guy, I am used to paying for dating. This concept may seem repulsive at first, but it has saved me a lot of time and has landed me some awesome dates.

    I get quality dates most of the time.

    You have to sort through some materialistic girls to find the good ones

    5 Stars

    I admit, the concept is pretty risque. I was skeptical, I wanted to find a date, not go into escorting service. But living in NYC, dating is EXPENSIVE. Cabs to and fro, and dinner in the city is pretty pricey. I was tired of the flakes and men on other sites who were not meeting my expectations and draining my wallet from all the effort it took me to get to our dates. My friend suggested WhatsYourPrice.com, she actually found her ex-boyfriend on their, and is still using it to find dates. What happens is, guys who are legitimately interested in you will make an offer on a first date for you. If I feel like I may have a connection with someone, I will accept the offer, but only ask for enough to make it worthwhile (like cab fare, new outfit, etc). Some of these guys I would maybe not have give then time of day to in a normal setting, but was able to get to know some great guys through whatsyourprice.com. I have gone out on 6 first dates, and getting ready to go on my 6th date with one of them. I am very happy with this site and would recommend it to any girl who isn't happy with other sites.

    Most people are genuine, and actually want to get to know you.

    There are few creeps, just like anywhere else, be smart though and don't put up with people's crap.

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