A Total Scam

How stupid can guys be? Yes, of course it's a scam, and a brazen one. The hotties here will never, ever consent to meet you or give you an actual e-mail address or phone number. No matter what you write them, and no matter how often, all you'll get in return is vapid, single-sentence enticements unrelated to the message you sent them. The scam works because guys are so bloody stupid. They actually want to believe that there are a bazillion gorgeous women out there who are eager to screw your brains out. Look at their pictures. Do they look like the kind of women who would be desperate to get laid? Another thing is that their ideal match could be an Albanian dwarf, since all of them have checked "Does Not Matter" in every descriptive category. If investigative journalism still existed, some newspaper could write a great expose of these sleazy operators. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll pitch the story to 'Wired' myself... In the meantime, guys, if you set yourself up as a hot babe on this site, you'll see how lucrative the business is. You'll receive from 200-500 messages every day, all from guys whose brains are in their dicks.

None. It's not even a good outlet for fantasizing, since the e-mails you get from these girls could have been written by a machine, or perhaps even a smart chimpanzee.

You're dealing here with a bunch of weasels

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